Everything Performs

I have recently felt on the verge of a new articulation of both what it is about “movies” that I really respond to that also serves as a direction for what I think I want to accomplish with my movement. I have read Nicole Brenez’s article “Improvised Notes on French Expanded Cinema” probably five times since discovering it, and I have always responded to the excerpt I will quote before, but it really wasn’t until […]

TFW The Filmmaker Does Not Use Their Imagination

Ah three posts in a row about film! I must be in a mood. Watched Broadcast Signal Intrustion (2021) last night, and while it had some brilliant ideas that kept me interested for its run-time, it suffers from the problem that a number of contemporary horror films with “cool ideas” suffer from–namely the fact that somehow these folks that can get it together enough to actually get a movie made have absolutely zero understanding of […]

Eurotika, Part 1

I have written, already, about how severing my relationship to Letterboxd and abandoning logging the movies I’m watching has helped to change my relationship with film for the best. It has relaxed it, to some capacity. On a whim, I thought it would be fun to revisit the 12 part Eurotika series that the BBC ran in 1999, dedicated, as the title would indicate, to Eurotrash. The series was produced before a lot of eurotrash […]

Desert Island

Subtitles for Pollet’s Tu Imagines Robinson were recently completed, so I was thrilled to be able to sit down and finally watch the film. I love Pollet’s work, but find myself especially inspired by his Mediterranean films, and as this was the only overtly Mediterranean film left to see, I’d been very interested in the film for a while. I have, lately, found myself responding a bit lacklusterly to most of what I’ve been watching, […]

On Research As Practice

In another jag of (finally) finding myself inspired by film; was in a bit of a dry spell for a while. Picked back up Paul Sharits’s issue of FILM CULTURE which I’ve had a photocopy of for years but never read in its entirety. I finally digitized it which is making it easy to read. An article by Sharits that I expected to be somewhat of a drag ended up being quite inspiring, “A CINEMATICS […]

Agatha and the Limitless Reading (Marguerite Duras, 1981)

“You’re making it up.” “I don’t know. I don’t think so.” Going from the inside out: L’Homme Atlantique, a perfect film1, as microcosm of Agatha et les lectures illimitées, a near-perfect film, as microcosm of Agatha, the bare-bones structure, a theatre script by Duras. There’s always a back and forth. But, the skeleton of the piece is not just the theatre script, but the obfuscation of biographical elements, whether or not those elements are “true […]