An Insistence on Perversion

I have been reading various texts lately that have been causing me to think about things in ways that seem important, and I’m trying to overcome my usual habits of just merely thinking these things and then moving on (even though these things often coalesce into whatever writing projects I’m working on). One could say that I’m trying to develop some sort of discipline to hold myself accountable to the ideas that are inspiring me. […]

Everything Performs

I have recently felt on the verge of a new articulation of both what it is about “movies” that I really respond to that also serves as a direction for what I think I want to accomplish with my movement. I have read Nicole Brenez’s article “Improvised Notes on French Expanded Cinema” probably five times since discovering it, and I have always responded to the excerpt I will quote before, but it really wasn’t until […]

Material Evidence from the Outside

A friend of mine recently commented, regarding a grip of 12 inches he was posting photos of on Instagram, that he loves the cover art for Italo Disco singles because there’s something slightly off about them, something that reminds him of the bizarre record stores that pop up in his dream, with titles and covers impossibly absent from the real world. As someone with a consistently over-active dream life, there’s something so necessarily true about […]

The Castle of Communion (Bernard Noël, 1969)

ONCE AGAIN I’M FALLING. ONCE AGAIN IT’S NIGHT. During an interview in EXIT 10/11 (Winter 1976/77), translated by Glenda George in Spectacular Diseases No. 5, Bernard Noël articulates that the job of criticism “should be explaining the functioning, the necessary [of the work].” This is perhaps the most sound and succinct description of what criticism should do that I’ve encountered (at least as a description that I agree with), and as such I’ve internalized it, […]